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Harness & Safety Equipment

Sala Delta 1-Point Safety Harness

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Checkmate Vantage 1-Point Safety Harness

Miller Titan 1-Point Safety Harness

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DBI-Sala Twintail Safety Lanyard with Scaffold Hook

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DBI-Sala Expander Safety Lanyard with Scaffold Hook

DBI-Sala Zorba Webbing Safety Lanyards

DBI-Sala Trigger Work Positioning Device

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Checkmate Pro Absorber Twin Tail Safety Lanyard

Checkmate Pro Absorber Elasticated Lanyard

Checkmate Pro Absorber Safety Lanyard

Checkmate Work Positioning Adjustable Webbing Safety Lanyard

Protecta First Work Restraint Rope Safety Lanyard

Checkmate Work Positioning Restraint Webbing Safety Lanyard

Work Positioning Restraint Rope Lanyards

Checkmate Xcalibre Cable Fall Arrest Block

DBI-Sala Retractable Safety Lanyard with Karabiner

Miller TEEKER® Restraint System (DMPT)

DBI-Sala Screw Gate Steel Karabiner & Automatic Locking Steel Karabiner

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